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Hey, I just realized something…. Sokka has a fan girl!


Suki is so wonderful and inspiring i just want to be her

Sukka Week, Day 4: Laughter


He laughed like his mother, Sokka observed.

Little Hakoda sat squealing with giggles on their living room floor, finding the simplest things absolutely hysterical. Sokka found himself with a goofy grin on his face as he watch his son roll around on the ground as he clutched the sides of his stomach. It was just adorable do watch him like this, and it was at that moment Sokka was grateful that his son inherited that trait from his mother.

One his favorite things about Suki has always been her laugh. She didn’t laugh like a normal person, oh no, a normal person would just one kind of laugh. One, for everything. Suki didn’t snort at a funny joke or howl at someone’s story. No, she had different kinds of laughs for everything.

First, the most common laugh, was her contained, small talk laugh. One could hear the laughter bubble up from her voice, but she somehow managed to suppress it into a light chuckle. Something that said “That’s cute” or “I’m happy to hear it” so that she would acknowledge what they were saying, but not look like a fool for not laughing too hard.

She also had a nervous laugh when she’s telling or is told about an unfortunate event and everyone (including herself) is extremely uncomfortable, she’ll let out a little noise that sounds like a “hmph hmph” to lighten the mood. But Spirits know just how much she eases a conversation with that small, almost forced chuckle.

She has a hysterical laugh just like everyone else, when she can’t contain her emotions anymore and she starts to giggled, only her giggles turned into laughs, and her laughing turned into a sort of cackling that she couldn’t control. She would eventually have tears streaming down her cheeks and there wasn’t a person within the mile that didn’t hear her. He could tell that at times this specific laugh embarrassed her, but he never failed to let her know about how much he loved it.

One of Sokka’s favorites is her silent laugh. It comes after her hysterical laugh, when she’s laughing so hard that there isn’t enough air in her lungs to produce sound and she looks like she’s having a seizure and choking at the same time. That’s the one he notices his son displaying the most.

Then there was her inappropriate laugh. This one occurs at times when it is completely unnecessary to deem something funny enough to do something as horrid as laugh about it. He remembers instances where this had happened to both of them; once in a Prince’s coronation ceremony, during a sermon at a church service, and even at Aang and Katara’s wedding. It would always be at the worst possible times she would have to stifled her giggles and that only made it funnier to the both of them.

No matter what type of laughter it was, Sokka had never once think of it as not contagious. Seeing the expression of her face and the sound of her voice filling his ears, he couldn’t help but feel his shoulders shake with chuckles either. The laughter would bubble up from his own throat, and soon be was laughing just as hard as she was, and sometimes even harder. It just gave him an elated feeling to see her face light up with so much joy in her soul, that it made his heart swell at just the memory. There were so many things that he loved about her, but her laugh was always near the top of the list.

However, there was one laugh that Sokka favored above all else. It was her genuine laugh, that rang through his ears like a sweet melody being carried in the wind. This laugh, full of adoration and comfort, was reserved especially for him and their son. He’d never heard a more cheerful tune, and he thought he would burst every time Suki kicked her head back and laughed loudly into the air. His son’s laugh was just like her mother’s, and it made Sokka smile every time he heard him squealing at something around the house, just like he was now.

Sokka heard their front door creek open, and turned around to see his wife coming home from training with the Kyoshi Warriors. “Well, what’s so funny?” Suki asked them, a smile playing on her lips as she looked at her son howling with laughter at his father’s feet.

When Hakoda didn’t answer her, Sokka looked at her and said, “He’s been like this all day. Anything that comes out of my mouth, he thinks it’s the most hilarious thing since the Ember Island Players.”

Suki giggled and got down on the ground next to her son and pulled him into a big bear hug, squeezing him tightly. Both of their laughs identical, Sokka was reminded of just how lucky he was to be blessed with such a beautiful family.

"May love and laughter light your days, and warm your heart and home. May good and faithful friends be yours wherever you roam."



A mini appreciation post for the heroic Kyoshi Warrior leader, Suki.


Ok, so let me learn you a thing about this badass girl right here. Suki. A lot of people don’t like Suki and it really bothers me. Wana know why? WITHOUT Suki, Sokka would still be a sexist butt head. She improved his fighting skills, changed his view on women, and ultimately helped him go through that fantastic character development, making him a better person. Because WITHOUT Suki, Appa wouldn’t be alive. She saved him from Azula and fed/groomed him back to health, and freed him from the chains he was in (with the help of the Kyoshi Warriors). WITHOUT Suki, Sokka wouldn’t have been able to rescue his dad or leave The Boiling Rock Prison. She’s the one that ran up the wall like an awesome she-spider and tied up the Warden, capturing him and bringing him onto the gondola lift. That means Sokka, Zuko, and Hakoda would’ve been stuck at the prison until the war ended. And that’s saying Aang successfully beat Ozai. It’s not like The Gaang knew where he and Zuko were going when they left the Western Air Temples. It’s a slim chance they’d be able to save them. WITHOUT Suki, Toph could’ve drowned in The Serpents Pass. Yes, Sokka was going to save her. But he took too long, and Suki beat him to it. She saved Toph first. WITHOUT Suki, Sokka and Toph would’ve DIED. They were dangling from the edge of a Fire Nation war balloon, clinging onto each other for dear life while Fire Nation soldiers were ready to take them out. If Suki wouldn’t have returned on that War Balloon saving their butts, they wouldn’t have survived. If you don’t like Suki because she gets in the way of your ship, or you think she isn’t an important character, you need to get your crap together. ‘Cause without her, The Gaang would be a few people short. She’s a member of Team Avatar and y’all need to treat her like it. PLUS, my girl has waterproof war makeup and her winged eyeliner is SLAYING.


Years after the war, Sokka and Suki have four children; Avani Kya, Tatkret, Kyoshi, and Ekta. Sokka reminisces on how different his life turned out that he expected it would as a child. He comes to the conclusion that Suki shattered all of his perceptions- in a very good way. Oneshot. Fluff abounds, because I love Sukka.



Just wanted to point out that Suki was ready to leave with everyone else, but Sokka wanted her to stay with him, making her officially part of the Gaang. 

Sokka, the biggest Sukka shipper out there.
And Suki, a member of the Gaang, so you shouldn’t leave her out of graphics and fan art.

He didn’t want her to go, because he was afraid that if she left he would never see her again. He had already lost her once. He wasn’t about to let that happen again. He loved her with all his heart, even if he hadn’t said it yet.